How To Maintain A Sparkling Smile

Teeth staining is not restricted to any age. The main reason for them occurring in the food we eat, the lifestyle we follow, beverages we drink not forgetting to mention the unhealthy practices that we indulge in. Sometimes a lack of awareness can pave the way for dental issues. Now, are you missing your cherished smile as your teeth have become discolored or lost that charm? Now the first thing at the back of your mind would be to get back that teeth whitening. Yes you could opt for certain do it yourself home remedies, incorporate specific dental regimes, and even go on to follow do’ it and don’t procedures it is possible at your end to restore the glowing smile. But all this does require a detailed effort at your end. Now let us discuss 10 secrets to a sparkling smile.


1. Whitening Strips For Superior Smile

You can get rid of the stains by spotting the thin invisible peroxide formulated get coated whitening strips. You need to wear those white strips for about a week or so. The best part about these strips is that they are safe and easy to use. Within a few days, the results are going to be visible, and their impact on whitening would be felt for a few days.

2. Whitening Toothpaste

It is possible to get rid of the unhealthy stains of your teeth by the use of over the counter strips, rinses or gels. Most products are loaded with chemicals or mild abrasives that help to get rid of the dental stains without altering the color of your teeth. This is a secret that you need to be aware of.

3. A Regular Dental Check-up

Each one of us needs to pay a visit to a dental specialist and get their teeth cleaned on a professional basis. With abrasion and polishing methods, teeth stains caused by tobacco can be remove. For people who have fillings, bridges, they have to approach teeth whitening with a tinge of caution. Apart from the above procedures, you can avail sparking teeth at your home by following home-based remedies and making a few changes to your lifestyle.

4. Consume Teeth Whitening Foods

Foods in the form of cherry, cauliflower, apples all tend to whiten your teeth naturally. You should consume more of them to keep your gums healthy, or even dental stains at bay in the process, restoring the natural glow of your teeth.

5. Tooth Whitening Kit For Brighter Smile teeth-whitner-1

Numerous home tooth whitening kits are available in the market, embedded with carbide peroxide that helps to remove the dark stains from your teeth. In a way, it possesses an ability to change the natural colour of your teeth. The gel is incorporated on to a tray that would mould. Daily you need to wear the tray for 45 minutes to get rid of the dental stains.

6. Quit Smoking To Remove Stains From Teeth

Smoking is not only known to harm your health but even your teeth. As far as discoloration and stains are concerned, nothing is a worse offender than tobacco. The more you are into smoking your teeth is likely to become entrenched.

7. Avoid Certain Foods For A Dazzling Smile

Some fruits or vegetables like beets, blueberries are known to provide the nutritional punch it is also known to cause dental discoloration and hence goes on to spoil the sparkling smile. Yes, you need to eat healthily but once you consume the above fruits or vegetables, rinse your mouth with water. This is going to prevent dental stains. Once you practice this, you can keep your teeth sparkling at all times.

8. Keep Dental Hygiene For Better Smile

A suggestion is to brush your teeth a couple of times during the day so that you can go on to maintain a healthy and a sparkling smile. Brushing does help to remove the dental plaque and prevents discoloration of your teeth all the more so at your gum line. You have also to floss your teeth and practice oral hygiene to have a great smile.

9. Avoid Harmful Medications For Tooth Whitening

Blood pressure medications, anti psychotic drugs could cause tooth stains. Even the use of antibiotic tetracycline is known to cause a strain in children. Therefore, To keep these medications at bay, you can have a sparkling and a cheerful smile.

10. Keep Away From Drinks


To prevent dental discoloration, you have to avoid drinks in the form of soda, tea, coffee etc. Even drinks in the form of grape juice or wine can go on to cause dental discoloration. To prevent discoloration of the teeth, you should not sip your drinks for a long point of time.

Things You Can Do For Sparkling Smile

To get that glossy smile, most of us prefer to opt for home-based remedies. One of the common remedies is the application of baking soda on your teeth with a toothbrush. Also, certain foods in the form of carrot, apples or pears are known to enhance the production of saliva in the mouth that helps to clear the food debris from the mouth and makes it clean. Along with it, another tooth cleansing method is when you chew sugarless gum. Not only it cleans your teeth but encourages saliva production in your mouth. By the use of saliva, the acids are neutralize in the mouth, which is the prime cause of dental decay. By sticking to these home-based remedies, you can avail that sparkling smile that you have been craving for years.

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